Field Rules

The Wenatchee Red Apple Flyers Field Use Policies

  1. The flying field is open for general use by members 24 hrs. a day.

  2. No Gas or fuel engines earlier than 7:30 A.M. (agreement with neighbor) 

  3. Hovering and 3D maneuvers are to be performed beyond the maneuver line (north of both runways) and pilots MUST remain within the pilot area.

  4. No high speed passes over the runway. No flying behind the deadline (marked by indicators on fences)

  5. Portable shades and shelters are not allowed beyond a line drawn from the front of the work tables to the fences. 

  6. Long term engine run-up and break–in will be in designated areas behind the clubhouse and away from the flight line. 

  7. Pets are not permitted on the flying field or in the pit area. All pets must be on a leash of not more than 6 feet in length. 

  8. Personal use of the WRAF dumpster is prohibited. 

  9. Properly dispose of cigarette butts and trash – don’t litter the facility 

  10. Children, guests, and spectators must remain in the designated spectator area behind the flight line, unless accompanied by a member.                       

  11. Flying guests are permitted to use the field only if accompanied by a member and must provide proof of current AMA or MAAC membership.                       

  12. Rental of flying field for events by non-club members is permitted with a fee of  $200.00 per day.  (Subject to Board approval). All reservations will require a $50.00  deposit and payment in full prior to the event. Renters must be AMA members and must provide all documentation to support their event. Proof of insurance for all renters must be provided as well as additional land owners insurance for the WRAF. Wenatchee Red Apple Flyers reserves the right to operate a concession stand and control all parking at non-members events. RV parking and dry camping is not assumed included in the rental agreement. 

  13. Retail Sales of any type will be prohibited within the confines of the WRAF Clubhouse.

  14. RV site usage. All active members have full use of RV sites, at the Member Rate.  Non-Members are an additional $5.00 per day. Stay will be limited to 10 days. Campers must apply for usage prior to action.

  15. Failure to follow AMA and WRAF rules and guidelines may result in disciplinary action.

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